Built in Hotspot mode

No need to rely on the venue’s own WiFi system. BoothPrint offers its own built in WiFi hotspot so you are never have to deal with unreliable WiFi again

Allows internet connection

BoothPrint allows you to print wirelessly whilst still keeping your internet connection active – no need for extra hardware or WiFi adaptors.

Quick Setup

Super simply setup. Just point your camera at the QR Code and you’re ready to go. No need to install drivers on the device – everything is automatic!

Quick Start Guide

  • 1: Connect power
  • 2: Connect printer
  • 3: Scan QR Code
  • 4: Connect to WiFi
  • 5: Ready to go!

Connecting the Booth Print server

  1. Connect the Booth Print device to the supplied power supply
  2. Plug the power supply into a suitable electrical outlet.

Please ensure that you only use the supplied power supply

Extensive printer compatibility

BoothPrint is designed to work with over 3500 printers ‑ much more than any other print server available. Below is a list of the most popular models which have been used with BoothPrint.

Extensive printer compatibility

Canon Selphy CP, ES
Ciaat Brava 21
CX, CX‑W, CY, CY‑02, CW‑01, CW‑02, OP900ii, CX‑02
DS40, DS80, DS620, DS680, RX1, RX1HS
Fujifilm ASK 300
305, 605, 805, 1400, 6800, 6850
CP‑K60DW‑S, CP‑D70DW, CP‑D707DW, CP‑D80DW, CP‑D90DW, CP‑3800DW, CP‑9550DW, CP‑9550DW‑S, CP‑9600DW, P93DW, P95DW
CHC‑S2145, CHC‑S6145, CHC‑S1245, CS2, E1, S2

Works with a wide range of software

BoothPrint can be used with almost any iOS app which support printing to AirPrint devices.

You can even use AirPrint with Windows and Mac based computers, allowing you to setup your own print server at home, or in the office.

Works with a wide range of software

BoothPrint vs others

Watch our demonstration video, showcasing just exactly why photobooth companies are choosing to use BoothPrint to help up sell their digital only photobooths and provide physical print outs to their clients, increasing their profit by an average of 25% per event.

During our testing, as seen in our video, printing starts within less than 2 seconds – much faster than any other alternative available.

BoothPrint is also the only device to host an embedded contactless microchip, allowing super simple connection, as well as the popular QR code connection which can be used with your iPhone or iPad based photobooth.